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Program Overview

Learn to speak, write and understand German Languge easily to achieve your personal and professional goals.


You will learns how to make simple enquiries, Use familiar, Everyday expressions & very simple sentences. You will Learn how to introduce yourself & Learn how to ask about others about themselves , builds basic grammar skills and increases vocabulary. You will Learn: asking the way; giving directions; asking for and giving information; discussing home and the household; describing people and their character; defining shape, size and colour of objects; asking for and giving opinions; the working world; returning faulty goods to a shop.

Learn German Language (Module -Beginner)

TOPICS TO BE COVERED: ? Introduction: Greetings; Introducing yourself (saying how you are, what is your name, where you come from, where you live, etc) ? Alphabets & Numbers ? Months & Weekdays ? Colors ? Family & Friends ? My House ? Hobbies & leisure time Activities – Likes & dislikes

Our Faculty and Mentors

1. German is easy to acquire
2. German is an important language in academia
3. German is the gateway to a world-class higher education
4. Germany is an economic powerhouse
6. German companies are global market leaders
7. German is the most widely spoken native language in Europe
8. German has a big online presence
9. Germans are everywhere


Drive Your Career Forward
Enrol in course and get Course Completion Certificate to open new career opportunies.
Use the knowledge and skills you have gained to drive impact at work and grow your career.

Should you learn German ? The real Answer is, why not?
After all, there are plenty of Job opportunities after learning German language in India.

Help us guide you to your future career paths after learning German..

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