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Benefits of Instant Hiring Support Service from Edudoor

Benefits on Edudoor Benefits
Dedicated HR to Understand Hiring Requirements.
Dedicated Recruitment Team to Create & Set criteria of Hiring.
Our Team Will Conduct Written Test of candidate for quality Hiring.
Our Subject Experts will check Subject knowledge & Demonstration Skills
Our Panelist from Top Academics, Interview the Candidate for Final Round
Our team will Share Exam Score card of written test of candidate
Our Team will also Share Recorded Video of Interview Rounds of candidate with Our Subject Experts & Panelist.
After So Many Rounds we connect 99.9 % Suitable Candidate.

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Other Features:

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Subject & Interview Expert (Rs. 0.00)

How It Works

Our Team

Check Hiring Budget


Our Team

Set Hiring Criteria


Our Team

Create A Job Post


Our Team

Screen Candidate


Our Team

Conduct Written Test


Conduct Subject

Expert's Round


Interview With Panelist

For Final Rating & Reviews


Our Team Will Share

Score Card With Organization


Edudoor Your Requirement Partner

  • Hire Candidate Online From Across India.
  • Quick Service, No Vacant Classes
  • No Crowd Move, Only Qualified Candidate


Meet Our Top Panelist

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