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Program Overview

Speaking English allows you to broaden your world and your job opportunities. In Every Academic Organisation English Speaking Faculty & Academic Staff Prefffered First to be hired. If we account only the country where the English language is the official language, the United Kingdom, Australia, U.S.A., Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Caribbean countries, there are more than 400 million native English speakers.

We Live in an age where students and employees are also judged on how well they communicate and present themselves at workplace and in Public. We Know That When Speaking English Language , It is so important to be understood and to sound as natural and fluent as possible. Our Communicative English classes are designed to help you Speak with accuracy , fluency and with good pronunciation. We help you in developing your communication as well as english writting Skils to give you confidence to speak publicly about your opinions.

We Focus on Conceptual Learning & Experimental Learning to give Students complete education Experiences. Our Weekly Test, 24 *7 Accesibility of Learning features, AMA sessions, Group Discussion , Role Plays gives you deep learning and our dedicated teachers work 24*7 for Resolving the doubts of students.



Our Curriculum Designed by IIT & IIM Alumni as Per Modern Day to make English communication unchallenging for you. Educator at Edudoor Meticulously created different approaches to make learning more engaging and exciting to adopt which incorporates all the topics. You will learn from approach to achieve the world's best communication skills. We will focus on writing skills as per today modern arena , Our 21st Century curriculum includes all digital application like You tubing , Podcasting, Journalism, Presenting negotiations , theatre, Role Play , Story telling, delivering Speech, Writing skills, Debating, Group discussion. Basics of Communication, Parts of Speech, Preposition , Article, Conjunction, Punctuation, Phonemes : Consonant, Vowels, Dipthongs, Tense & Their Uses, Vocabulary, Introducing Oneself, Greeting , Invitation, Making Request, Expressing Gratitude, Complimenting and Congratulating , Expressing Sympathy, Apologising, Asking For Information, Seeking Permission , Complaining & Expressing Regret, Rules for Word Accents, Using English in Real Life, Word Formation, Types of Sentences & Pattern, Synonyms and Their Uses, Antonyms and Their Uses, Extempore and Group Discussion, Letter Writing, Email drafting, Business Correspondence, Resume Writing, Interview Question and Answer, Mock Session, Mock Session, Manner & Etiquettes, Confidence Buildup, Role Play, Story Telling, Debate, Writing Blogs and Books.

Our Faculty and Mentors

Our Program designed by IIM & IIT Alumni specially for those who want to become a teacher or who are a teacher and groom their Spoken Skills. In the Class you will interact with teacher from Diffrrent Location, Diffrent School, Diffrent Area of Specialisationare who join for common goal that is to develop their communication Skill. You Can Learn , Share & Build Teaching Network
You will receive intensive support from experience teacher, Principal, Experts and Mentor. That means you won't be teaching classes unsupported until we think you're ready

You are free to make mistakes without feeling embarrassed. The Educator at Edudoor corrects your mistakes on the spot and clears your doubt. We give Extra 30 Minutes to Discuss About the Dobut and it's Resolution. Speaking Fluent English is a practical skill which comes by practice . Talk with your personal trainer and Peers & improve your English in no time.

We are Recruitment Partner of More Than 500 Schools, Colleges & Coaching. Our 99.9 % Trainned Professionals got hired in Schools, Colleges & Coaching.

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