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Establishment 2020

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About Us

‘English Academia’ gives a phenomenal training in the field of English Language, Literature, focused tests (SSC, BANK PO, RAILWAYS) and advances Skill improvement in Youth to upgrade employability openings. We offer various courses of English for various levels (Basic to Advanced). Also, these are fluctuating lengths and levels of force. The courses are exceptionally deliberate and intended for a wide range of students, for example, School understudies, Undergraduates and postgraduates understudies, Job Aspirants, Businessmen and ladies, working men and ladies, and housewive Our Story In India, English is educated as a subsequent language or an unknown dialect. In our regular daily existence, we face numerous circumstances and generally we get humiliated, accidentally we felt the same circumstance about our closest companion and we come to realize that it is a serious issue for pretty much every person. In the hand we understood that English is in excess of a language or an instrument of correspondence, it is a significant amiable and employability aptitude. So from here, just the voyage of “English Academia” started with part of commitment and endeavors. We began our voyage with an idea of “To roll out an improvement on the planet, first change yourself” We accepting it as our social duty towards our general public, education and to our country. We are on a crucial, the idea of “Education has rights to everybody”.

What Director Says:-

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation….we can do what we think with determination and will power’. English is a progressive language because it has been subjected to change in the past and at present is progressing for greater opportunity. The English language has its own phonology, grammar, syntax and a vast treasure of literature that touches every part of life. English is not just a language but it is a skill for everybody. It is the instrument of all subjects. Language learning is a skill like cycling or swimming so we cannot acquire it unless we practice it. In our state, 65 percent of parents could not afford convent education for their children so B.S.E.B. Board is only a left choice. In B.S.E.B Curriculum English is not a compulsory subject so there are numerous learners who find English as the obstruction in getting a job both in govt. & private sectors. Even though the pedagogy of English medium schools is a direct method so the students lack basic knowledge of grammar and writing skills, in this aspect English Academia helps those learners who find the English Language as an obstruction to their career. The ratio of unemployment is increasing per year so through BPO & Corporate training our team provides training and job assistance in pocket

Hiring Process - Online

Online Test

Step 1
  • In Job Section
  • Apply On Listed Jobs
  • Give Online Test
  • Minimum Score 40
  • Eligible for 2nd round

Video Conference

Step 2
  • Video Conference with Management & Concerned Experts. They will Check about.
    1. Subject Knowledge
    2. Demonstration Skills
    3. Communication Skills
  • Management & Expert will Rate candidate for Final Selection

Offer Letter

Step 3
  • HR will talk about Salary , Negotiation & Discussion.
  • Ask about Joining & confirmation
  • Generate offer Letter