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Establishment 2018

S S Swami International School

How S S Swami International School Improves Learning !

About S S Swami International School !

About Us

At S S Swami School, we make children the masters of their inner self by infusing in them our 'can' philosophy. Beacuse when a child believes they ca, they will.

Hiring Process - Online

Online Test

Step 1
  • In Job Section
  • Apply On Listed Jobs
  • Give Online Test
  • Minimum Score 40
  • Eligible for 2nd round

Video Conference

Step 2
  • Video Conference with Management & Concerned Experts. They will Check about.
    1. Subject Knowledge
    2. Demonstration Skills
    3. Communication Skills
  • Management & Expert will Rate candidate for Final Selection

Offer Letter

Step 3
  • HR will talk about Salary , Negotiation & Discussion.
  • Ask about Joining & confirmation
  • Generate offer Letter