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Establishment 1987

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About Us

Baldwin Academy is a co-educational institution which nurtures academic and cultural development of children. The haven of education instills in its students the ideals of courage, truth, perseverance, fortitude and virtuosity. Our priorities in education are not only academic excellence, but also the formation of youth in discipline, hard work and moral values. These priorities are meant to prepare the youth for life by promoting intellectual excellence, uprightness of character, emotional maturity, and scientific temper, spirit of healthy competition, co-operation and sportsmanship through co-curricular activities, moral sensitivity, tolerance and national integration. Our aim is to shape your ward into a successful, responsible and benign personality. A secular environment fosters in our children a sense of unity and integrity and encourages them to take pride in their cultural heritage.

Hiring Process - Online

Online Test

Step 1
  • In Job Section
  • Apply On Listed Jobs
  • Give Online Test
  • Minimum Score 40
  • Eligible for 2nd round

Video Conference

Step 2
  • Video Conference with Management & Concerned Experts. They will Check about.
    1. Subject Knowledge
    2. Demonstration Skills
    3. Communication Skills
  • Management & Expert will Rate candidate for Final Selection

Offer Letter

Step 3
  • HR will talk about Salary , Negotiation & Discussion.
  • Ask about Joining & confirmation
  • Generate offer Letter